Wetkeys Waterproof Professional-grade Full-size Keyboard w-Number-pad USB Black

Wetkeys, LLCSKU: EIM8J6207
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Professional-Grade washable full-size ABS plastic keyboard with number pad is designed with comfort and usability in mind. With excellent type-ability this keyboard is suited for general office or home use along with environments. Fully sealed in the inside, keyboard can be safely wash, rinsed or dsinfected to remove dust, debris or hazardous materials.

Comfortable in almost any environment - office, home, travel, call centers, medical, food safety, manufacturing, industrial and others. Its high-typeability rating makes it an ideal replacement for standard traditional ABS plastic keyboards.

The internal controls are fully sealed and resistant to dirt, debris, water, soap and disinfectants. It can easily withstand repeated wash-downs in dusty, dirty or wet environments such as industrial, food safety, manufacturing that would damage an ordinary keyboard causing data entry errors during use.

This product has a minimum NEMA4x and IP66 resistance rating.
  • Professional-Grade standard -style full-size rigid ABS plastic keyboard with number-pad.
  • 104 mid-profile keys including 10-key numeric pad plus 12-function-keys.
  • EZ-Disconnect USB whip and 1.6 meter USB extension cable. Do not immerse USB connectors.
  • Ideal for medical & dental offices, laboratories, food processing, manufacturing and industrial use and more.
  • Waterproof, Spill-proof, Dustproof and Debris-proof. Completely sealed internal switches and internal controls - lets you wash fully under running water or use in wet areas.
  • Washable. Easy to clean or disinfect to remove dust, debris, water and other liquids may damage or impede keyboard functions.
  • Can withstand safety wash-downs or being immersed in antibacterial solutions and rinsed under a tap to reduce the spread of germs.

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