Tripp Lite UPS Smart 1000VA 800W Rackmount AVR 120V Preinstalled WEBCARDLX Pure Sine Wave USB DB9 SNMP 1URM

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Protects Mission-Critical Rack-Mounted Equipment
  • Provides fully regulated sine wave AC output for servers, network storage devices and telecom hardware
  • Audible alarm signals loss of utility power, overload and low battery
  • 6 NEMA 5-15R outlets
  • 10-ft. (3.05 m) power cord with 120V NEMA 5-15P input
  • 450-joule surge suppression rating
Reliable Battery Backup
  • Supports half load up to 14 min. and full load up to 4 min.
  • Internal batteries designed for hot-swap field replacement
Pre-Installed WEBCARDLX Network Interface
  • Allows full remote access for power monitoring, configuration, control and email notifications via secure web browser, SNMP, Telnet, SSH, and CLI.
  • Optional E2 sensors (sold separately) enable site monitoring of temperature, humidity and contact-closure status
Reduce Service Calls with Auto Probe Autonomous Device Management
  • Auto Probe feature (Firmware 15.5.2 and greater) of the LX Platform Interface checks the connectivity status of any networked device and automatically takes one or more user-configured actions if the device fails to respond; actions include outlet reboot, set SNMP traps, SNMP OID sets, and even script execution when used in conjunction with the Tripp Lite PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent (PANSA)
Switchable Outlets
  • 2 load banks, each with one outlet controllable remotely to reboot equipment or shed nonessential loads
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Maintains 120V nominal output over input range of 83V-147V without using battery power
EMI/RFI Line Noise Filtering
  • Removes electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that can disrupt or damage equipment's performance
LED Indicators
  • Front-panel LEDs signal power, voltage correction, load level and battery charge state
Communications Ports
  • USB and DB9 ports enable data-saving unattended shutdown when used with Tripp Lite's PowerAlert software (available via free download at
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Versatile Installation Options
  • Hardware included for mounting in 1U of EIA-standard 19 in. 2- or 4-post rack
  • Optional 4POSTRAILKIT1U accessory available for extra support in 4-post installations
  • Compatible with vertical mount cabinets

  • 14 min. runtime at half load; 4 min. at full load
  • Pre-installed WEBCARDLX network interface
  • Network power management and control capability
  • 6 NEMA 5-15R outlets-2 switchable via network interface
  • Corrects under- and overvoltages from 83V to 147V

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