Tripp Lite PDU 3-Phase 208V 8.6-12.6kW 42 C13 12 C19 20A Vertical 0URM

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The PDU3V20D354A 8.6/12.6kW 3-Phase Vertical Power Distribution Unit(PDU) Outlet Strip is a required accessory option for Tripp Lite's PDU330AT6L21, PDU330AT6L15, PDU330AT6L2130, PDU330AT6L1530, PDU350AT6H50 and other 3-phase auto-transfer switch(ATS) PDUs that specify compatibility with this model. It's ideal for high-density equipment racks in data centers and server rooms.

When used with 208V ATS models with a 35A input rating(such as PDU350AT6H50), the PDU3V20D354A supports up to 12.6kW total output with 20A maximum full balanced load per phase combination output bank(L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1). When used with 208V ATS models with a 24A input rating(such as PDU330AT6L21, PDU330AT6L2130, PDU330AT6L1530 or PDU330AT6L15), it supports up to 8.6kW total output with 13.9A maximum balanced load per phase combination output bank.

The 42 C13 and 12 C19 single-phase outlets receive power from the connected ATS PDU. The outlets are interlaced to help you balance loads by spreading connections across the phase combinations(L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1) throughout the rack. Each outlet is numbered and color-coded to help you keep track of connected devices and which phase combination powers each. The 2.5-foot power cord with 8-position plug connects directly to the PDU's rear receptacle.

The PDU3V20D354A's rugged all-metal housing mounts in compatible racks in seconds with no tools needed. Vertical 0U installation reduces cord clutter and improves airflow through the rack.
  • Required for select Tripp Lite 3-phase ATS PDUs
  • Offers 42 C13 and 12 C19 single-phase outlets
  • Supports up to 8.6 or 12.6kW total output (depends on ATS PDU)
  • Simplifies load balancing with interlaced, color-coded outlets
  • Supports 0U toolless vertical rack mounting

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