Tripp Lite 2M Fiber Optic Fan-out Cable Push - Pull Tab MTP-MPO to 8 x LC 40Gbase OM3 Plenum Aqua 6ft 6' 2 Meter

Tripp Lite by EatonSKU: SY4074028
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Tripp Lite's Premium MPO/MTP Multi-Fiber cabling system is ideally suited for a high density environment that demands space saving and reduced cable management solutions. MPO/MTP fan-outs support various connections from multi-fiber to single-fiber out. N844-xxM-8LC-P cables utilize 8 fibers to fully transmit 40GBASE-SR, 4 fibers in each direction transmitting at 10Gbps. It includes push/pull tab connectors for maximum accessibility; install or remove the cable with one hand without needing additional tools. Its slim, uniboot design provides space savings, while its premium-grade ceramic ferrules are designed for 10GbE and faster applications. Backward compatible with existing 50/125 fiber. Plenum rated jacket.

  • OM3, 40GbE rated, 40GBASE-SR4
  • Sturdy plastic housing for long-lasting durability
  • Premium-grade ceramic ferrule designed specifically for 10GbE and faster applications
  • Slim uniboot design saves space and makes cables easier to manage
  • Push/Pull tab connectors offer maximum accessibility in high density installations; install / remove with one hand without needing additional tools
  • MTP / MPO to 8 x LC Fan-out Cable

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