Silex DS-700AC Wireless Print Server

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USB Device Connectivity over Network | Enterprise Security for Wi-Fi network

The DS-700AC supports Wi-Fi WPA3-Enterprise security. The latest Wi-Fi security can protect the wireless network. It also supports legacy Wi-Fi security such as WPA/WPA2-Enterprise. For personal use, it supports WPA/WPA2/WPA3-Personal, too.

Equipment Sharing from Two Different Networks

Office equipment deployed in a network now can join another network keeping two networks still isolated. The DS-700 can convert a USB device port of the equipment to the network port.

High Data Bandwidth

The DS-700 USB 3 SuperSpeed port provides higher bandwidth over gigabit Ethernet LAN than the legacy USB 2.0 device server. Data transfer from USB devices will complete much faster than ever.

SX Virtual Link Software for Seamless Experience

SX Virtual Link is a software to access USB devices attached to the USB device server over the network. The software allows users to request other users to release the shared USB device when they want to use.

  • Various Device Support
  • Seamless Experience with SX Virtul Link
  • Easy Configuration for Quick Installation
  • WPA3 Enterprise Security
  • Efficient Wi-Fi with 802.11ac wave2 MU-MIMO
  • Equipment Sharing from Two Different Networks
  • USB Device Connectivity over Wireless Network

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