Perle STEP-PS-1AC-12DC-5 Single-Phase DIN Rail Power Supply

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The STEP-PS/1AC/12DC/5 Industrial Power Supply is a rugged AC to DC and DC to DC Converter built to meet the high stability and efficiency expectations of industrial, machine automation and process control environments. With its low-profile design, this STEP power supply is ideal for building automation, installation distributors and flat control panels. This Switching (switch mode) Power Supply ensures a regulated output voltage even in the event of voltage fluctuations in the power supply network. With all required safety certifications to support ITE (Information Technology Equipment), ruggedized packaging, extended operating temperatures, high peak load capabilities and high isolation voltages, this STEP Industrial Power Supply is designed to meet the needs of your industrial application.

Industrial operating temperature of -25°C to +70°C with reliable device start-up at -40°C

Equipment found in traffic management, oil and gas pipelines, weather tracking, industrial and outdoor applications must function in temperatures that cannot be supported by a commercial power supplies. With an operating temperature of -25°C to +70°C, and reliable device start-up at -40°C, the STEP-PS/1AC/12DC/5 Industrial Power Supply is ideal for use with equipment subjected to harsh environments and severe temperatures.

High efficiency and low no load power consumption

Compared with other products on the market, this STEP Industrial Power Supply provides excellent energy savings. With a very low no load power consumption and high efficiency at nominal load, just a small amount of electrical energy is converted into undesired heat energy making this a very ECO friendly power supply. This is important if the power supply is on call 24 hours a day, but rarely loaded.

Flexible mounting

The STEP-PS/1AC/12DC/5 power supply offers flexible mounting options. It can either be snapped onto a DIN rail or screwed onto a level surface. When mounting on level surfaces, lugs integrated into the housing eliminate the need for additional mounting material.

U/I characteristic curve for the supply of capacitive loads

The STEP-PS/1AC/12DC/5 Industrial Power Supply is well suited for driving capacitive loads, and DC/DC converters in the primary circuit, due to its U/I characteristic curve. This makes STEP DIN Rail Power Supply suitable for applications such solar cell testing, solar panel testing, testing of piezoelectric driving devices, capacitor testing, driving and testing of capacitive transducers, powering industrial substation capacitors, and lab-type applications with capacitive-resistive loads. This STEP Power Supply can also be used to power resistive loads, and inductive loads.

10 to 16.5 V DC Adjustable Output Voltage Range

Using the rotary potentiometer on the front face of the STEP power supply, the output voltage can be optimally adjusted to meet specific application environment requirements. For example, you can easily adjust to compensate for a voltage drop caused by a long cable length.

Ideal application environments for a STEP-PS/1AC/12DC/5 DIN Rail Power Supply
  • Shipbuilding
  • flat control panels
  • testing of solar cells, solar panels, piezoelectric driving devices and capacitors
  • driving and testing of capacitive transducers
  • powering industrial substation capacitors
  • lab-type applications with capacitive-resistive loads
  • automated production process
  • building control, security and surveillance, and climate control systems

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