Middle Atlantic Select RLNK-215 2-Outlet PDU

Legrand GroupSKU: SY5539181

Sale price$315.00
Select Series PDU with RackLink simplifies installation and reduces the cost of service by providing intelligent power optimized for AV systems. Available in versatile vertical, compact and traditional rackmount form factors, Select Series PDU with RackLink extends control from traditional enclosures to hard to reach displays - and everything in between. All form factors are enabled with RackLink technology, creating a simple and cost effective solution that puts intelligent control of power distribution at your fingertips, anywhere in the world.

With intuitive setup and operation, pre-emptive problem notification and automatic problem resolution, Select Series PDU with RackLink ensures system reliability and uptime. The ability to choose to control locally or virtually, via third party control system or cloud ensures system uptime and reliability while maximizing your productivity.
  • Seamlessly interfaces with 3rd party AV control systems and cloud platforms for scheduling, control, reporting and even customization
  • Automatic notification of connection status
  • Fast and easy commissioning
  • Automatic actions improve system reliability
  • MOV surge and spike protection
  • Multiple IP autoping and recovery ensuring optimal system functionality
  • Easy set�up and control through RackLink user interface
  • Control start�up or shut�down with remote sequencing
  • Individual IP outlet control of up to 2 outlets (2 outlets total)

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