HPE Single Phase 1Gb UPS Network Management Module

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The HPE 1Gb Ethernet Network Management Module enables you to monitor and manage power environments through comprehensive control of HPE UPSs. The HPE UPS Management Module can support either a single UPS configuration or provide additional power protection with support for dual redundant UPS configuration for no-single-point-of-failure. The additional serial ports will provide greater power management control and flexible monitoring.

The management module can be configured to send alert traps to HPE Systems Insight Manager and other SNMP management programs or used as a standalone management system. This flexibility enables you to monitor and manage UPSs through the network. To facilitate day-to-day maintenance tasks, the embedded management software provides detailed system logs.

The HPE UPS Network Module provides remote management of a UPS by connecting the UPS directly to the network. You now have configuration and management of the UPS from anywhere and at any time via a standard web browser.

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