BTI Projector Lamp

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SONY: VPL-EW225, VPL-EW226, VPL-EW245, VPL-EW246, VPL-EW275, VPL-EW276, VPL-EW295, VPL-EX222, VPL-EX225, VPL-EX226, VPL-EX230, VPL-EX241, VPL-EX242, VPL-EX245, VPL-EX246, VPL-EX250, VPL-EX253, VPL-EX255, VPL-EX272, VPL-EX273, VPL-EX275, VPL-EX276, VPL-EX290, VPL-EX295, VPL-SW225, VPL-SW235, VPL-SW525, VPL-SW525C, VPL-SW526, VPL-SW535, VPL-SW535C, VPL-SW535EBPAC, VPL-SW536, VPL-SX225, VPL-SX235, VPL-SX535, VPL-SX535EBPAC

  • Engineered to supersede the original lamp of compatible projectors
  • Maximum life of 3000 Hour
  • Rated at 210 W

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