BTI Projector Lamp

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BTI Projector Lamp - Compatible with OEM Part#: ELPLP58, V13H010L58 Compatible with Model: EB-S10, EB-S7, EB-S72, EB-S8, EB-S82, EB-S9, EB-S92, EB-W10, EB-W7, EB-W8, EB-W8D, EB-W9, EB-X10, EB-X10LW, EB-X7, EB-X72, EB-X8, EB-X8E, EB-X9, EB-X92, EH-DM3, EH-TW450, ELPLP54, ELPLP55, ELPLP56, ELPLP58, ELPLP66, EMP-S7, EMP-S8, EMP-S9, EX31, EX3200, EX51, EX5200, EX71, EX7200, H309A, H309C, H310A, H310C, H311B, H311C, H312A, H312B, H312C, H319A, H327A, H327C, H328A, H328B, H328C, H331A, H331C, H33

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