Bretford CUBE Micro Tray

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Micro footprint

A micro footprint (18.25" x 17" x 16.5") that fits on almost any surface making the CUBE Micro perfect for applications in offices, classrooms, healthcare or conference rooms.

Adapter Storage

Room for up to 10 AC adapter cables, out of sight, below devices. Easy and convenient cable management.

Daisy Chain

Maximize charging capabilities by daisy chaining up to two units for secure charging for up to 20 devices from one outlet.

Open Design

Easily access devices when you need them the most. The CUBE Micro Tray is perfect for desktop applications, keeping your devices charged, organized.

Device Storage

Polypropylene slot dividers help keep devices safe and protected, while devices are securely charged in an upright position.

  • With the wired connectivity, no more worries about low signals for low latency
  • The cradle has charging capability in it adding convenience

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