Black Box LBH2001A-H-SC Transceiver-Media Converter

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  • Switch traffic between a Gigabit-speed fiber multimode backbone and two copper Gigabit segments.
  • Or use the second copper port to provide access to other Ethernet devices.
  • Supports distances up to 550 meters (1804.4 ft.) on 50-um fiber or 220 meters (721.8 ft.) on 62.5-um fiber.
  • Features high-grade components and special thermal design for industrial use.
  • Robust steel case protects circuitry and communications from the demands of factory applications.
  • No internal airflow required for cooling. The convection case works as a heat sink.
  • Resists dirt, debris, moisture, smoke, and insects (IEC529 IP40 rated).
  • Designed for NEBS compliance to withstand shock, vibration, and high altitudes.
  • Copper ports auto-negotiate to network and device speeds.
  • Autocross (MDI-X) on the copper side. Cascade easily without the need for a crossover cable.
  • Provides full 10-, 100-, and 1000-Mbps switching for high-performance LANs.
  • Supports VLANs. Retrieves and transmits 802.1q tagged data packets unchanged.
  • Use store-and-forward type switching to eliminate bad packet propagation and maximize bandwidth.
  • Dynamically allocates buffer space, minimizing the dropping of frames on congested ports.
  • Collision-based flow control (half-duplex mode only) stops frames from entering when buffer queue space is low.
  • Internal addresses are self-learning. Change port connections or domains without affecting operations.
  • Operates transparent to software.
  • Plug-and-play installation.
  • Includes metal panel mounting clips.
  • RoHS compliant.

This compact networking device combines the functions of a copper-to-fiber media converter with that of a Gigabit-speed edge switch.

Featuring the two 10-/100-/1000-Mbps copper switch ports and one 1000-Mbps multimode fiber SC port, the Hardened Mini Gigabit Switch reliably connects segments in harsh factory floor environments, particularly at the network edge, as well as connections in the wiring closet and office areas.

It's just what you need to expand your Ethernet network in a convenient, compact, and economical way. You can also transfer data longer distances, far beyond what's possible with ordinary copper Ethernet cabling links.

And because it transfers Ethernet packets at Gigabit speeds over fiber, you can ensure secure and interference-free extensions for your data-sensitive, bandwidth-intensive applications.

What's more, as a hardened networking solution, it features a sealed metal case that protects internal circuitry from dirt, dust, moisture, and other harmful contaminants. The Hardened Media Converter Switch also features an efficient thermal design, so no air inflow is required for cooling.

  • Withstands temperatures of -13 to +140� F (-25 to +60� C).
  • Converts 1000BASE-T to 1000BASE-SX multimode fiber.
  • Enables you to convert copper to optical fiber.
  • Includes two 10-/100-/1000-Mbps copper switch ports and one 1000-Mbps fiber multimode SC port.
  • A combination hardened edge switch and media converter.

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