Black Box Cisco HD A-D Extension Module Distribution Panel

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  • Designed for use with the Cisco 8-port extension module (which brings analog and digital Internet phone, fax, and modem service to Cisco 2821, 2851, 2901, 2911, 2921, 3825, 3845, 3925, 3925E, 3945, and 3945E integrated services routers).
  • With support for up to 24 total voice and fax sessions, the module is ideal for networks with high analog (foreign exchange station [FXS], direct inward dialing [DID], and foreign exchange office [FXO] and digital (Basic Rate Interface [BRI]) call-capacity requirements.
  • Three-part design includes BASE, EM0, and EM1 connectors.
  • Helps enable packet voice technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) by distributing digital and analog signals from legacy analog phone systems and/or Internet phones.
  • Accommodates RJ-11 and RJ-45 combinations.
  • Use telco cable (ELN29T-MF) to attach the telco connector on the back of the panel to the telco connector on the Cisco EVM-HD module that's installed in your router.
If you have a Cisco router with an 8-port voice/digital expansion module (EVM-HD) installed, consider this easy, low-cost way to connect your end analog and digital Internet phone users. The Distribution Panel for Cisco High-Density Analog and Digital Extension Module for Voice and Fax breaks out the expansion module's 50-pin telco connector into analog and digital RJ-11 and RJ-45 connectors. This simplifies how you can link end users to the Cisco module.

The panel consists of 24 RJ-11 connectors (labeled BASE) for connection to analog phones. It also has 8 RJ-45 connectors on the panel's center and right sides (labeled EM0 and EM1) for connection to digital phones, faxes, and modems. The center and right-side connectors have a sliding plate that enables you to choose either the top (RJ-11) or bottom (RJ-45) row of connectors for use. Select the connectors you will use by sliding the connector cover over the unused ports. (NOTE: You should not plug cables into the center top [RJ-11] and bottom [RJ-45] or the right-side top [RJ-11] and bottom [RJ-45] connectors at the same time. The sliding panel prevents this from happening.)

Four combinations of connectors are available, depending on which connectors are covered with the sliding plate. Link up to eight analog phones via RJ-11 cable (EL06M-MM) to the connectors labeled BASE on the panel's left side, and attach 8, 12, or 16 digital Internet phones, fax machines, or modems via RJ-11 (EL06M-MM) or RJ-45 cable (EVNSL51) to the connectors labeled EM0 or EM1 on the panel's right side.
  • Guaranteed for life!
  • Neatly arranges cables for analog and digital phone service to your Cisco router-simply plug-and-play.
  • Make up to 24 analog and 8 digital connections to a Cisco® 8-port extension module.

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