Black Box Async RS232 to RS422-485 Interface Converter - DB9 to Terminal Block

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The BLACK BOX® Universal RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converter with Opto-Isolation isolates and converts RS-232 signals into RS-422/RS-485 signals and vice versa. Unlike other converters, external software is not required to control data flow. The RS-232 input is wired for DCE through a DB9 female connector, and RS-422/RS-485 signals are interfaced through a removable terminal block. To supply external power to the terminal block, you need our 120-VAC/12-VDC Wallmount Power Supply (PS1003).

For RS-232, the connection requires RD, TD, and Signal Ground.

In RS-422 mode, the driver is always enabled for full-duplex communications. A twisted pair is required for transmit, and a twisted pair is also required to receive. A ground reference wire is also needed. Switch settings are Switch 1: RS-422; Switch 2: Echo On; Switches 3 and 4: 4 Wire.

In both RS-485 modes, the RS-485 driver is automatically enabled during each space state by the presence of an RS-232 signal. When the RS-232 data is in a mark or idle state, the RS-485 driver is disabled and the RS-485 data lines are held in a mark state by the bias provided by a 4.7-ohm resistor; the value of this resistor may need to be changed, depending on the termination you use.

To connect to several RS-485 devices with minimal wire, select the unit's 2-wire, half-duplex RS-485 mode. When data is requested, the addressed device transmits and then reverts back to receive status. Switch settings for this mode are Switch 1: RS-485; Switch 2: Echo Off; Switches 3 and 4: 2 Wire.

For 4-wire master/slave circuits, select the unit's 4-wire, full-duplex RS-485 mode. In this mode, addressed devices can receive data while transmitting data from a previous request. When used as a master in a single-master system, Switch 1 may be selected because the unit is the only transmitter in the system. When used as an RS-485 slave, the RS-232 device must provide addressability. Biasing in a master/slave system is provided by the end-of-line slave. Switch settings for this mode are Switch 1: RS-485; Switch 2: Echo On; Switches 3 and 4: 4 Wire.

  • The RS485 driver is automatically enabled during each spacing state on the RS232 side.
  • Up to 32 RS485 devices can be attached to create a large multi-drop network
  • Operates 2-wire half-duplex or 4-wire half- or full-duplex.
  • async (data leads) only.
  • Operates in point to point or multipoint applications
  • Transmit data up to 115 kbps or at distancesup to 4000 ft.

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