BTI Battery

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Compatible OEM DX06XL L32749-005 L32701-2C1 HSTNN-DB9B

Compatible Model 15-DG 15-dg0001la 15-dg0002TX 15-dg0003TX 15-dg0004TX 15-dg0005TX 15-dg0006TX 15-dg0007TX 15-dg0008TX 15-dg0009TX 15-DG0010NR 15-dg0010TX 15-dg0011TX 15-dg0012TX 15-dg0013TX 15-dg0014TX 15-dg0015TX 15-dg0016TX 15-dg0017TX 15-dg0018TX 15-dg0019TX 15-DG0020NR 15-dg0020TX 15-dg0021TX 15-dg0022TX 15-dg0023TX 15-DG0024NR 15-dg0024TX 15-DG0025NR 15-dg0025TX 15-DG0026NR 15-dg0026TX 15-dg0027TX 15-dg0028TX

  • Never run out of power and keep your notebook operational
  • Rechargeable battery - Lasts longer on a single charge than its disposable counterparts
  • Takes lesser time to charge, compared to others
  • Delivers 11.6 V DC to your compatible notebook, ensuring that your device is ready to use when needed

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