B+B SmartWorx 9PMDS 9-Pin RS232 Modem Data Splitter

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All signals entering the female DCE connectors on pin 3 (Transmit Data), pin 4 (Data Terminal Ready), and pin 7 (Request to Send) are diode OR'd together and appear as outputs on the male DTE connector. Pin 1 (Carrier Detect), pin 2 (Receive Data), pin 6 (Data Set Ready), and pin 8 (Clear to Send) are all signals entering the male DTE connector and are connected straight through as outputs on the two female DCE connectors. Signal Ground is connected straight through to all ports on pin 5.

To install the Modem Data Splitter, a straight through 9-pin to 9-pin cable can be used from the computer or terminal to the female 9-pin DCE connectors. Connect the male 9-pin DTE connector straight through to the modem. (B&B model number 9PAMF6.) If your modem uses a DB-25 female connector, use a standard 9-pin to 25-pin adapter cable. (B&B model number 232CAMS.)

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